Structured Part-Time Islamic courses taught in the heart of East London.

It’s never too late to learn your religion. Take your ‘Steps to knowledge’ now!

Free Monthly Lectures

Our FREE monthly lecture series, open to the public. Strongly recommended as a complimentary course to any paid studies at STK. Topics will include The Heart, History, Character of the Muslim and much more.

Ten-Week Paid Courses

Study structured, part-time evening Islamic courses, over a ten-week period, once a week for 2 hours. First-term offer: All courses are ¬£45! Have a look at our Qur’an and Islamic studies courses that we have on offer currently.

About STK

Steps to Knowledge works to build the fundamentals of a Muslim, regardless of their age. At the heart of every STK course is the aim to mould the Muslim to be ready to seek sacred Islamic Knowledge and strengthen Imaan (faith). Throughout all of our courses, there is a huge focus on nurturing and developing the Muslim, ensuring every student takes away a practical approach to self-development, whilst maturing his or her connection with Allah.