Steps to Qur’an | Level 1

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Recognise and learn to read the Arabic alphabet correctly from the ground up. This class is suitable for beginners wanting to learn how to read the Qur’an (from scratch) and those requiring revision of their reading.

Structured Qur’an, Arabic and Islamic Studies courses taught in the heart of East London.

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Course Name: Steps to Qur’an

Course Level: Level 1

Course Code: Q-L1-STQ

Prerequisite: None

Course Outline

  • Explanation of Qa’ida al-Baghdaadiyyah
  • Learning to read and write Arabic, with a focus on Qur’anic Arabic and reading Arabic from the Mus’haf (Week 6 onwards)
  • Practical work with theory – great focus on practical work, working with students and asking them questions, with recitation. Every lesson should have a reading of a basic surah to correct recitation.
  • Basic theory of makhaarij (in-depth to be covered in level 2)
  • Intertwined tarbiyyah based teaching

Course Overview

  • Explanation of Qa’ida al-Baghdaadiyyah
End of Course Expectation
  • Students should be able to read sentences to adequate proficiency
  • Students should be able to begin reading (without tajweed) from the Mus’haf with little to no direction
  • Have corrected recitation of Surah Fati’ha and other surahs

Additional information

Start Date

Wednesday 24th July (Brothers)
Monday 15th July (Sisters)


7pm-9pm (Brothers)
6:15pm-8pm (Sisters)


Steps to Knowledge
Headstart Education Centre Unit 9
Church Road Studios (Side Entrance), Morris Avenue, Manor Park, London, E12 6AF


Brothers, Sisters

1 review for Steps to Qur’an | Level 1

  1. Mohammad M.

    STK was the perfect start for my journey to learning Qurʼanic Arabic. I never knew how to read the Qurʼan before, so from that to learning pronunciations of letters to eventually reading the Qurʼan felt amazing! The teachers were so patient and usually Iʼm not confident to ask questions when I donʼt understand something, but here, however, I felt like I could raise my hand whenever I needed help. The teaching style was relaxed which made me feel comfortable. They took their time in explaining certain principles so we had a very good understanding which were things that were never taught to me when I was kid learning Arabic (which I forgot, hence why I needed the classes). What really got me motivated is the fact that the brothers are doing this for the sake of Allah. They have no other intention. They literally want to help everyone know the Qurʼan which you could see when they teach. I liked these classes so much that I plan on returning to learn more. Plus for the price, you can never go wrong! This is an investment in yourself for the sake of Allah and you end up meeting good people with kind hearts. I would recommend this course to any adult who feels like they want to learn Qurʼan. Donʼt worry about your age or how much you know. You wonʼt be judged at STK.

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