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Qur'an Series

Start an individual Qur’an course based on your current level (which we’ll test for you!) or begin your journey on the Tajweed Comprehension programme.
2 Courses Available (Term 1)
+ 1 Pending Course (Term 2)
Steps to Qur'an | Level 1

Recognise and learn to read the Arabic alphabet correctly from the ground up. This class is suitable for beginners wanting to learn how to read the Qur’an (from scratch) and those requiring revision of their reading.

From Monday 15th July 6:15pm-8pm (Sisters)
From Wednesday 24th July 7pm-9pm (Brothers) | £45

Journey to Qur'an | Level 2

Introduction to Tajweed – a progression course from Level 1 (Steps to Qur’an), suitable for students that can read but need to learn tajweed. Topics will include Types of Errors, Makhārij and Sifāt of letters and more. There is a focus on practical reading (recitation and correction by teacherand beginning memorisation (hifdh). Students must have completed Level 1 or similar (must be able to read the Qurʼan).

From Monday 15th July 6:15pm-8pm (Sisters)
From Wednesday 24th July 7pm-9pm (Brothers) | £45

Theoretical Qur'an and its Applications | Level 3

Intermediate Tajweed course – a progression course from level 2, this course will focus deeply on theoretical tajweed (Ahkām) with topics such as Nūn As-Sākinah, Tanween, Ahkām Al-Mudūd and more. Students should, by the end of the course, be able to apply the rules of each topic in their recitation with little to no direction.

Coming Soon (Term 2)

Islamic Studies Series

Our Islamic Studies series is an opportunity for adults of all ages to begin their journey learning about their religion, emphasising topics in great need.
1 Course (Term 1)
+ 1 Pending Course (Term 2)
Purification of the Soul | Level 1

Every student who wishes to study a course in the Islamic Studies series must complete the introductory course: Purification of the Soul (Tazkiyah An-Nafs) as a pre-requisite. This course will set for the student a starting point to working on their heart and the issues pertaining to seeking sacred knowledge – such as intention. Though this course is focused on ʻPurification of the soulʼ, it will also touch on topics such as ʻetiquettes of seeking knowledgeʼ and more. This bespoke course will, by the Will of Allah, build a foundation for the student to stand on, working to shape and mould the studentsʼ hearts to prepare them for future studies in Islamic sciences. All lessons in this series aim to provide a realistic approach to self-development, ensuring a means to cultivating their inner-selves and as a result, their outer-selves.

7pm-8:30pm | From Friday 19th July 2019* | FREE!
*Based in Masjid Al-Ansar


The Three Fundamental Principles | Level 1

A course based on the concise treatise ʻThe Three Fundamental Principlesʼ comprising the basic fundamentals of the religion of Allah, in brief. Essential for the beginning student, learn of the basics of the belief and creed of a Muslim and the answers to the three fundamental questions every person will be asked in the grave:

Who is your Lord? What is your religion? Who was your Prophet?

A concise, but great work, written in the science of Aqeedah (creed).

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Term Timetable

2018 – 2019 | Term 1 – Term 3